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I am a multi-disciplinary designer but focus on industrial design

In 2013, I started to study industrial design, and becoming a good industrial designer has always been my goal. I have always been fascinated by the complexity of human beings, in a world where people from different cultures and backgrounds have different needs. Finding and studying the needs of that one interesting and unique group of users and designing creative solutions for them is what has always fascinated me about industrial design. So, my design philosophy has always been to find a group of people's unique personalities and propositions, and to provide them with the lifestyle they want and evoke their emotions.
As an award-winning design student, I have always retained confidence in my proficiency in design skills, which include but are not limited to my hand-drawing, CAD, 3d modeling, rendering, research, prototype making and storytelling. I'm always learning new things because I've always had a passion for keeping things fresh. At the same time, I also always keep on making my designs unique and make people feel "surprised" when they see them. I am always willing to accept any interesting or challenging industrial design firms or job opportunities, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have. 

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