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Now, more and more adults will have symptoms of ADHD or ADD. This is because of the problem of fast pace of life of modern young people. This is not to say that they all suffer from this disease, but that young adults have problems with concentration.

Combined with my research, I found that the biggest problem of attention of modern young people is mini break​​​​​​​. Mini break is helpful for concentration, because when a lot of negative emotions (such as tension, anxiety) accumulate in the brain, people's attention may be completely distracted. At this time, moderate rest can relieve these negative emotions so that attention can be maintained all the time.

The best way to take a mini break is "distracted." If you can be moderately distracted in mini break, it would be a good way to maintain the best concentration.

People like taking mini break with our digital devices, but it tends to  distract completely people from the work that they are doing.

​​​​​​​ORAN is a wireless charger, it's also your attention coach

final 5 (ps).jpg

Cognitive Load Theory

Our brain like a CPU; when too much is going on the brain can’t focus.
So, to offload some of that stress, the brain might trigger our fidgeting!
Lower stress is highly associated with better learning and memory performance, so fidgeting can help us learn!

Image by Thought Catalog

Fidget helps people concentratedby reducing brain stressets

Image by Tim van der Kuip

At the same time, we can also track one's attention state according to the degree of fidget

To test, I invited three people to record video when they work, I observed and made the following chart

Yaxuan Zhang-process book_页面_018.jpg
Yaxuan Zhang-process book_页面_040.jpg

After analyzing this chart I found that people choose to rest after the fidget amplitude reaches a certain peak. And after the break, their fidget amplitude is on a downward trend

So when the fidget reaches a peak, it means that people's brain stress has reached a level that the fidget can not solve, then the appropriate break is the most effective way to solve the brain stress

The first thing that comes to mind when modern young people need a break is usually:

​Smart Phone!!!

The logic of big data computing is to keep users hooked by letting them see what they want all the time.

Therefore, our smartphones are not the right way to take a break here, as they may cause some people to become addicted to playing with them and completely lose focus on their original work

So my approach is to use fidget to understand when users need a break and provide a way for them to take a break before they get the desire to play with their phone in order to give them a suitable break




CAD mock-ups

oran 3d mock up_edited.jpg

Final design

final 1 (ps).jpg

Why choose to design wireless charger?

Because the phone and wireless chargers are most closely related, many people will put their phones on the wireless charger at work. At the same time, wireless chargers have many opportunities for additional functions, so I choose to design wireless chargers.

动图2 小小.gif

When you fidget, it will definitely bring extra vibration to the furniture. And Oran has electronic pedometer technology, so it can sense the vibration of the table in order to understand your fidget situation. The vibration of the chair can be understood at the same time by another accessory attached to the chair.

动图3 小.gif

The orange ball will release, and it will roll to your hand. The principle is that there is an electromagnet under the ball. When it needs to roll down, the electromagnet will turn off. The ball without the magnetic force will naturally roll down

final 3 (ps).jpg
final 6.jpg

The outer layer of the ball is made of soft rubber, which is good tactility. The ball is also a controller, it can control some interaction on the computer.

app1 (computer).gif

It means when you pick up the oran ball, there will be an interface on the computer. and there are many interactions, in here, you can breath to the Oran ball, and there is a animation in the interface like this.

app2 (computer).gif

There are also other interactions, like this you need use oran ball to catch the lights. At the right time, the interaction will stop so you can get back to work.

Why is the shape like this?

illustration 1.png
illustration 2.png
illustration 3.png

When explored product shape, I want to be close to the shape of the sofa

So that the phone is placed on it like the phone is resting on it

And the orange ball is like blocking user to take the phone, the purpose is not to disturb the phone rest

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