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Clap-clap is a bracelet used to solve workplace loneliness by doing action. Taking inspire from the sense of ritual among athletes, employees can find a special clapping way and repeat this action to create more emotional connections. Ritual in workplace is defined as action or behavior regularly follow by a group that is designed to increase employee’s engagement. We want to use the special ritual in workplace to enhance the office relationship and make happiness at work. Clap-clap bracelet is portable, and it will not affect daily work during use. After completing a ritual, the bracelet will provide a visual and tactile feedback. On the top, we have a magnet badge design for members from the same team. It can also replace traditional employee card, they can use it to open the company's access control.Clap-clap have an application to provide a visual feedback and show the employee’s mood.


This is a two-person team project

My Role

  • Leadership

  • Plan Making

  • Time Management

  • Contextual Research

  • Ideation

  • Sketch

  • Mock-up

  • CAD Model

  • CAD Render

  • Animation Render

  • Final Video Editing

  • App Design


The problem we focus:

clap clap 1.png

More than two in ten adults in the United States (22%) and the United Kingdom (23%) say they always or often feel lonely, lack companionship, or feel left out or isolated

—2018 survey from The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation

They are more susceptible to loneliness, with 16 to 24-year-olds three times as likely to be lonely as those over 64.

—2018 Common Sense Media report


process book- Di Wen& Yaxuan zhang.jpg
process book- Di Wen& Yaxuan zhang 2.jpg

Target group

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Employee from 25-34 years old

To solve workplace loneliness

Finally, we decided to focus on loneliness in the workplace which has received little attention. Normally, We think of workplace the main emphasis is on efficiency, but it make workplaces are more likely to have loneliness issues, and loneliness issues can affect work efficiency.

What is workplace loneliness?

The employees feel very little contact with their colleagues, and they found themselves falling out of touch with their office neighbors and team members.

What make workplace loneliness?

  • Technology

  • Remote work

  • Fewer human interactions

  • Stressful

  • Competitive

Our target

  • Creating emotional connections by our design

  • Quickly discover what people have in common and unite them



Market stratrgy

DLS_画板 1 副本 14.jpg

Mood board






Final design


The most unique things in our design is that the workplace loneliness is an area that has never been explored before. We used a sense of ritual that is not common in offices to effectively create a new workplace culture. The ideas for badges in our project are also novel. We hope that the collection of badges by employees can symbolized their journey in the company. The collection of badges for each employee is different and represents their different experiences in the company. We use popular publicity methods (colors used in publicity pictures and performance methods in publicity videos) to bring users into a warm office atmosphere and make them look forward to it. This is uncommon in the promotion of office supplies.


Our products do not require any direct operation. Just provide some visual feedback while promoting emotional communication. In this way, employees are encouraged to dof some interests in their work and life, and support them to encourage each other. Employees can create a sense of ritual in the office with gestures or movements they are familiar with. Everyone can work together to build a warm office environment.




App design

App Loop.gif

Due to the bracelet have limitation of visual feedback. We have a matched app.

When users have a bad emotion or didn’t have any contact with their colleague. The black ball will accumulate in the “bracelet”.

After emotional interacting with their colleagues, The "ball" from your colleague can help you to eliminate the bad emotion.


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