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Cardboard recycling is an important issue. We found that people's awareness of cardboard is not good, so we designed a cardboard experience store and we hope to show the possibility of cardboard to visitor

The front and back of Invitation


Instructions for using the invitation



We invite visitors to bring cardboard to visit, so the invitation we designed will guide the user how to cut the cardboard, and will send a basket made of cardboard with the invitation to help the user to carry

1 ps.jpg
2 ps.jpg

The map of experience store


Experience Store

In the experience shop, visitors will experience many activities made of cardboard, such as cardboard exhibits, cardboard amusement, cardboard craft and Cardboard pulp 3D printing experience.

real world final.jpg

Real world



Cardboard Pulp 3D Printing & AR Animation 

Designer Beer Holthuis has proven that pulp can be used as a special 3D printed material ( In the last part, visitors can experience cardboard pulp 3D printing, how much material they can use is based on how much cardboard they carry. At the same time, before printing, users can watch an AR animation, this animation will show the process of cardboard into pulp. The process of recycling cardboard in the factory is also through conversion into pulp, so this step also allows tourists to understand the recycling process. 

4 ps.jpg
3 ps.jpg


In addition, there is a souvenir area, this area is the end of the tour, and it is also an open area.​​​​​​​


Organized sketches & insights

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