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Roli Inspire Block Design Project

This is my graduate class project, and in this project I designed for ROLI, an innovative brand of music products. the most important features of ROLI's products are their modularity and tactility, so I designed a new module combining these features.



Nowadays, more young people want to create own music, but how to "start" composing is often the hardest part. The moment of inspiration is important, and how to better capture that moment so that they can better start creating music is the problem I want to solve.

For this purpose, I have designed three ideas:

Image by Elice Moore


Collection of actions while listening to music

Design earphones and earphone cases as a way to collect subconscious or active movements of the head and hands while listening to music. To "imitate" other people's drums and start composing with it.

Image by Daniel Schludi


Draw random curves and find groove

Designing a product interface can draw curves, and then try random attempts again and again to find that "surprise groove" and continue to create from there.

Image by Icons8 Team


Recognize humming

Design an audio interface that recognizes humming and converts the hummed melody into the sound of other instruments. By this way, finally add some decorative melodies or musical elements to the music


To experiment with this, I invited five people to try to create music according to the above three ideas, and the final result is that these methods are possible for people with no musical background to create music.


Participant 1


Participant 2


Participant 3


Participant 4


Participant 5

Image by Alexander Hipp


Beginning music users of Roli

Roli users' character

  • Passionate about innovative music products

  • There is a need to create music anywhere, anytime, so they need portable modular products

  • They like geeky products and they are mostly young males

  • Like tactile music products

Roli design language research



Main shape is usually square



Soft surface material



Light effects



CAD mock-up

3D print mock-up