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360 Camera & VR Suite

The COSMONAUT product suite includes a VR headset, 360 panoramic camera and a controller module. The purpose of this design is to provide a better viewing and editing experience for user-recorded 360 panoramic videos and photos.


Watching photos or videos recorded by a 360 camera with a VR headset will give the best results

More direct and immersive


1. But there is no brand that does both 360 cameras and VR headsets


Although different brands can cooperate with each other, but the cooperation between different brands’ products can not achieve perfect

2. Bad experience of editing 360 video or photo into normal mode video or photo

finger phone.png
mouse computer.png

We use our fingers to control the phone or mouse to control the computer to move the camera view in 360,

this kind of control is not direct and natural


1.Design a set of VR headset and 360 camera (and maybe also a controller)

2.Control camera view movement directly in VR and then export normal video and photos


sketch together.jpg

Final Design

render 1 (ps).jpg
render 3 (ps).jpg
render 4 (PS).jpg
render 2 (ps).jpg
render 5 (ps).jpg

360 panoramic camera module and controller module can be interchanged with each other

Users can connect their smartphones and watch user-made 360 panoramic videos and photos with one hand through the gyroscope

The cross button and trigger button on the control module can control the focal length and shutter

Users can record video as naturally as they would in the real world

Wearing the VR headset also allows user to watch 360 panoramic videos and photos through the gyroscope

The controller module can also adjust the focal length and shutter

The camera module can be connected to the VR headset, and when pressed the center button on the controller module can switch to the real world recorded by the camera module in real time

render 9 (ps).jpg
render 10 (ps).jpg
render 10 (ps).png
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