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Rock / et

In large outdoor events such as music festivals, the organizers often require that the maximum size backpack allowed should be transparent because of safety issues. But the existing transparent backpacks just try to turn ordinary backpacks into transparent materials only, they ignore the festival audience is often a big personality and fashion needs. I hope to refer to some other transparent fashion items or artworks, so as to design a backpack which can meet the fashion and personality needs of the large outdoor events’ audience.

3 (final).jpg

Brand Language

Because the final form was close to the rocket backpack shape, so the final design language and branding strategy revolved around the rocket backpack concept. For example, the design language used the trend of tech chic as a way to get close to the connection between the rocket backpack and fashion; while the brand strategy had a good connection between the rocket backpack and the excited jumping of the audience at the music festival.

4 (final).jpg

Rock / et

Rocket - Shaped like a rocket backpack

"Rock it" - Listening to rock music

5 (final) (small).jpg
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